Digital Learning

Virtually connect your people through modular programmes and workshops anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Support your remote teams through unprecedented times. 

Digital learning has always been an important part of any development strategy, but with the Coronavirus crisis, it has become an essential element of the learning mix.

Virtually connecting your people and maintaining motivation and productivity is paramount to avoid a sense of isolation and lack of purpose, that can lead more deep-rooted difficulties.


Going digital is a quick and effective solution to this, allowing you to connect, support and develop your people during unprecedented times.

Supporting the learner journey, anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

A digital approach enables you to deliver learning at scale across the globe.

A blended virtual approach engages your remote teams, boosting team collaboration and breaking down cultural and geographical barriers.

Digital learning offers new innovative ways to blend learning, helping to accelerate the effectiveness of the overall learning process and importantly, the application of new learning back into the workplace.

Virtual classrooms & rich tailored content.

Our digital mix blends together virtual classrooms that engage live practical facilitator-led learning with on-demand bespoke resources. Virtual classroom experiences are fun, practical and action-based, and develop the capabilities you require for future success.

Additionally, create a blend of collaborative virtual classroom activities and breakout sessions, videos, TED talks, questionnaires, pulse surveys and downloadable content.

We deliver tailored learning sequences, timed right, through automated communications creating truly memorable experiences.

Powerful analytics to drive greater engagement & performance.

Powerful analytics and data insights highlights engagement levels and usage stats. Reporting helps you understand how the programme is performing and where learners need the most help.


Discover how to make your learning  engage more people in order to deliver the best results personally and professionally.

Creating digital content

is a skill.

Our team of digital authors bring scenarios to life and put people in control of their learning through the creation of bespoke content.


Working with you through your brief, we create highly effective, on-brand, ready-to-go and inspiring digital content.

A continued partnership.

Linac has been super throughout this project, very clear with comms and the work produced the other end was exactly what we needed. Thanks again and look forward to continuing our partnership.

- Marstons PLC -

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