POSTPONED - Neuroscience of Difficult Conversations Masterclass

2-Day ILM Accredited Masterclass
POSTPONED - Neuroscience of Difficult Conversations Masterclass

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Linac Learning, Formal House, 60 St George's Pl, Cheltenham GL50 3PN, UK

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Challenging situations, challenging personalities and having difficult conversations are a fact of life. However, very few people are equipped to make them successfully. The majority of difficult conversations fail to achieve the right outcome. They often leave both individuals feeling stressed, sometimes angry, deflated and demotivated and can damage the relationship.

Everyone at some point will find themselves part of a difficult conversation. Opposing emotions and opinions often run high, making these conversations extremely challenging. Nonetheless, they are crucial to success and they require you to not only be brave but to acquire deep knowledge and master a set of critical skills.  

Everything that matters most happens in a conversation... requesting a salary increase, giving your boss feedback, dealing with under-performance, tackling sensitive personal issues and addressing unacceptable behaviour. It is no surprise that the things that matter most in life are the things that have the biggest impact. Yet, few possess the required conversational mastery, the knowledge and the skills, and as a result these conversations are often put off or avoided altogether. Whatever the root cause, avoiding a conversation and not saying what needs to be said, can often escalate into a more serious issue and erode time and money. 

This 2-day ILM accredited Neurosceince of Difficult Conversations Masterclass will transform the way you have these tough conversations. You will be able to approach difficult conversations with confidence and capability; avoid confrontation, conflict and toxic behaviours which can lead to difficult conversations escalating. Instead, you will acquire latest neuroscientific knowledge and a set of practical skills that will lead to positive outcomes. This masterclass helps you to get the desired results and outcomes without the fear of damaging relationships.

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Neuroscience & Conversational Intelligence 

Neuroscience lies at the epicentre of a successful conversation and understanding it is key. Conversational intelligence, helps you to understand how conversations trigger physical and emotional changes in the brain and create a chain reaction, millions of neurochemical reactions in the moment. This chain reaction either galvanises our brain to relate, trust, be collaborate, create new ideas and solve problems, or it leads to a state of brain-freeze, where our brains develop fear, aversive or defensive, protective and cautious behavioural patterns.  

Conversations change the brain by boosting the production of hormones and neurotransmitters that stimulate bodily systems and neural pathways, effectively changing our body’s chemistry. As conversations unfold, the brain triggers a neurochemical cocktail, that makes us feel either upbeat or downbeat. Upbeat conversations trigger higher levels of dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins, and other biochemicals that boost a sense of well-being. 

The masterclass gives you the power to influence and control your neurochemistry, as well as the neurochemistry of a range of multidimensional conversations. Conversational intelligence allows people to express their thoughts and feelings to one another in ways that strengthen relationships.  

The masterclass explores:

  • The latest neuroscience research and its critical linkage to conversations
  • The neuroscientific engagement process behind a difficult conversation
  • The interconnectivity and interactions between the mind, brain and body
  • The neurochemical chain reaction that leads to various states of mind
  • The human inner state and the brain relationships with the nervous system
  • How to minimise the threat of negative and overly sensitive reactions
  • How to maximise a growth mind-set and develop trust and creativity
  • How to facilitate insight, motivate action and develop new habits in others
  • Real-life scenarios and practices related to your new-found knowledge and skills
  • How to immediately apply this in the workplace and drive desired outcomes

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