Webinar - Delivering a Difficult Message Remotely

For leaders and managers. 120 minutes. Delivered by Sophie. Best-selling author, executive coach, professional keynote speaker and leadership and motivation expert and faculty member at The Cranfield School of Management.
Webinar - Delivering a Difficult Message Remotely

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This workshop explores and helps you to overcome the communication challenge of delivering a difficult message remotely. It is adapted to your organisation and delivered through a collaborative webinar that combines interactive discussion and the opportunity to share, discuss and talk to a leading expert. The workshop provides the essential understanding, skills and know-how for delivering a difficult message remotely.


Learn how to deliver a well-structured, confident and empathetic difficult message remotely. Learn how to best prepare, structure and set yourself up for success. Develop your own tailored process that works best for you. The workshop helps you to prepare to ensure greater interaction so that both parties feel connected and as if they were in the same room together sharing the same space.

Learn how to overcome emotionally or conceptually difficult topics and how you can get as close to the ideal situation as possible and interact in real time. Learn how to create the right physiological and psychological balance in yourself and the other person. This is critical as it directly helps us to centre emotions and retain perspective. In doing so, learn how to manage and minimise the stress created for you and the other person. 

Understand the importance of visual contact and presence and how to achieve and build this. Learn to spot the micro-expressions and manage people’s reactions to information received. 

Learn how to build virtual presence, as it is vitally important you are extremely tuned in, that your senses are heightened and that you are emotionally and connected. Learn how to minimise abstraction created by social distance, or time or space and how to develop a use of specificity and sensitivity to minimise the virtual distance in the conversation.

Learn how to leverage the best technologies to be present and to ensure seamless communication and interaction throughout.  

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