Webinar - How to Stay Connected & Collaborate Remotely

For leaders and managers. 120 minutes. Delivered by Tom. Since the first dot-com boom in the 90’s Tom has been leading collaborative teams and moving companies to virtual working in London, New York and the UK. As a former COO, he has been continually been creating and coaching virtual teams.
Webinar - How to Stay Connected & Collaborate Remotely

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This workshop enables people to transition effectively to remote working. It is adapted to your organisation and delivered through a collaborative webinar that combines interactive discussion and the opportunity to share, discuss and talk to a leading expert. The workshop provides the essential understanding, skills and know-how for working remotely and staying connected.


Learn how remote working can be more beneficial, productive and collaborative than working in an office environment. Explore the benefits of a remote employee working and why more companies are employing it and seeing huge productivity gains. Learn a new way of thinking and working and how to approach this new working pattern.

Learn how to structure yourself and plan your time and quickly increase personal productivity in an ever more digital multi-cultural world. Learn how to utilise the right methods for collaboration and to stay connected. Learn how to optimise and tailor your day to balance quality work time, thinking time with the vital ‘me’ time and learn how to stay focused and energised throughout. 

Learn how to set up now and in the future to be more productive and effective as a remote worker. Learn how to communicate and stay connected across the miles and become a well-integrated member of any virtual team. Making it work requires the adoption of a set of new processes and disciplines that ensure success. Learn how to develop the necessary self-discipline to create the routines that work for you, as well as the drive you need to stay motivated to complete your projects and tasks on time. 

Learn how to choose, how and when to use the right communication technologies to manage projects, collaborate with colleagues, communicate effectively and complete your tasks. In doing so learn how to drive new higher levels of satisfaction, accomplishment and performance. 

Learn how to develop simple habits that ensue you always let others know, through your actions, that they can count on you. Develop easy to implement habits that make sure you are responsive and available as often as possible for impromptu meetings, chats or even re-prioritizing tasks to help others. Being responsive and available builds trust with others and gives you credibility. 

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