Webinar - Maintaining Wellbeing Remotely

For leaders and managers. 120 minutes. Delivered by Tom. Tom has been personally working remotely for years and as an ex-COO has helped teams and individuals make positive adaptations to overcome the challenges of remote working and to maintain their wellbeing.
Webinar - Maintaining Wellbeing Remotely

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This workshop helps to prevent remote mental and physical health issues from arising by exploring the key principles of effective remote wellbeing. It is adapted to your organisation and delivered through a collaborative webinar that combines interactive discussion and the opportunity to share, discuss and talk to a leading expert. The workshop provides the essential understanding, skills and know-how for achieving and maintaining wellbeing when working remotely.


Learn what the challenges are that you face with remote working and how these can be overcome and used to develop a healthier work life balance than before. Learn how to stay healthy and happy and how to engage a new mindset and new working methods.

Learn as an individual how to take responsibility, positive action and develop a sense of purpose that is necessary to manage your own wellbeing. Learn that remote does not mean isolation and that it can lead to greater collaboration and team working. 

Learn how to adopt simple effective routines, behaviours and habits to stay healthy and focused. Understand how to open and close your day and how to flexibly reprioritise competing commitments. Understand how it is still possible to be socially interactive during the day using Slack, Zoom and other technologies.

Learn how to adapt your space and work area, even if it is not ideal, to ensure it is as effective as possible to provide you with the best homeworking ergonomics. Learn how to create headspace that enables focus and minimises distractions. 

Learn how to create your own support mechanisms and alarm triggers to ensure you do the right things at the right time to nurture your wellbeing. Learn how to adapt your daily routines and practices. Learn how to weave in ‘me’ time into your day, so that you recharge and reenergise your systems regularly. By getting this right you will become more productive working remotely. 

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