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Each year, Linac Learning offers a select number of showcase events that are open to anyone. These events are carefully crafted affairs that are planned in advance and offer deep insights into new leading-edge areas. We only run a small number each year, see our calendar below.

Once it's booked, it's booked! Anyone wishing to secure a place on an event that misses out can be added to the reserve list to be given first priority for the next one. We do occasionally schedule additional events and experiences so do keep an eye out or get in touch with us directly.

A tremendous amount of effort goes into making sure all of our events are still tailored to you on the day, so rest assured you will get a personalised experience with lots of takeaways. We guarantee you'll leave feeling like you wish you'd done it years ago.

Want us to organise your own experience or event?

Take a look at our full range here