Leadership Development

Brave, agile and socially responsible leaders.

We develop brave, agile & socially responsible leaders.

We develop agile leaders who are adept collaborators, empathisers and networkers, who constantly scan and spot opportunity, inspire action, pioneer innovation, make tough calls and are capable of masterminding and accelerating change.
We work with you to reinforce your aspired culture, building and strengthening the necessary core leadership behaviour, that in turn develops strong resilience and builds enduring trust to future proof your business.

A rich heritage of leadership development.

We have been designing and delivering tailored leadership programmes for over two  decades. Having worked globally with over 50 of the world's largest brands, developing over 10,000 leaders.


We have carved a reputation for excellence and we guarantee results, making learning sustainable and leaving a legacy of highly capable and confident leaders.

Award winning programmes.

We adopt an 'inside-out' approach to leadership development. Learning focuses on

self-discovery and self-optimisation. Topics and skills are explored through three leadership lenses, 'Myself', 'My Team' and 'My Organisation'.
The three combined phases allow leaders to develop a wider perspective and commercial astuteness, helping to drive up margins and efficiencies and boost results.

Courses, workshops and masterclasses.

We offer a blended approach. For topics and skills that fall outside of the core development pathways, leaders can attend tailored workshops or be given access to digital content.


Programmes are carefully blended to create the right mix of classroom, experiential learning and digital learning support. This blended approach creates a series of memorable moments that helps to re-fire and re-wire the brain and embed a new leadership style and set of behaviours.

Linac stood out from 17 providers.

Linac are incredibly knowledgeable in the leadership space. Linac are solutions focused and leading edge by way of content. I have been particularly impressed with Linac’s passion and drive to deliver an excellent output for our people. Linac are making a significant difference.

- Sisk & Son -

- Unilever -

We've got a close eye on ROI.

Our unique return-on-investment methodology delivers on average a 7:1 ROI, with measurable sustainable shifts in behaviour and performance.

This approach to measuring leadership development has led to our   leadership programmes receiving recommendations for their results from around the world.

The power of experiential memorable leadership.

Transform your learning journey by integrating our truly memorable leadership showcase experiences into your programme, or alternatively work with us to adapt or create something unique.

Experiential leadership development is a powerful way to learn. By placing your leaders in challenging real-life situations, they get to practice, develop and hone their leadership skills first-hand.


This process of learning is proven to heighten commitment to leadership principles and accelerate learning and retention.

Performance hits record levels

Performance hit record levels with dramatic improvements and consistent gross efficiency above 80%, zero defects and very positive staff morale. The programme ran smoothly and very efficiently. The results were exactly what we had hoped for. A great achievement.

- Unilever -

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