Next Gen Development

Investing in the future of your business.

The future of our economy

& your business.

We believe that a lack of investment in your young talent will impact your organisations success and reduce your chances of gaining a competitive edge.


Your young talent should bring an infectious energy to your workforce along with fresh ideas, latest digital thinking and ethical and socially responsible business practices. This will drive your business forward and fire up your more seasoned employees.

Nurture & grow them from the beginning.

Our approach to supporting young talent is simple. Its needs to start early on, providing them with the tools and capabilities that they need to thrive in role.


We create digital solutions for early engagement and on boarding, ensuring that the transition from education to employment, and the mental and physical wellbeing of your new talent is fully supported, setting them up for success.

Developing your future leaders.

We don’t want their enthusiasm to be quashed. We work with you to create a suite of courses, workshops or to design an early careers development programme that keeps them enthused and bought in, exceeding the expectations of your young talent.


This ensures a greater sense of belonging, purpose and fulfilment which will positively impact your retention levels.

Supporting wellbeing via the positive mental health app.

We are the proud founding supporters of i am me, a positive mental health app. Designed to educate, enable and empower, the FREE app includes self-help tools and stress trackers, personal development tips, specialist articles and coaching content. 

The costs associated with the number of business days lost due to stress, anxiety and depression is having a huge impact on our economy. That's why we believe all businesses have a responsibility to actively support the wellbeing of their employees, especially those making the difficult transition from education to the world of work.  



The i am me app is being used by organisations as part of the on-boarding process and employee engagement for its early career’s talent. To find out more how this app could support your early careers talent, get in contact. 

Helping graduates play their

It was an incredible day spent with Linac. We all learnt so much about ourselves, each other and the business. I'm feeling really motivated and can't wait to start playing my new 'A' game.

- Marks & Spencer Graduate -

We come recommended.

It was very inspirational. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, it was very helpful and I would 100% recommend it to others.

- Mars Apprentice -

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