Our Values

Our purpose is to help organisations unleash and fulfil their full human potential.


We inspire through innovative learning and development solutions, that accelerate the desired change and build operational rhythm. We leave a legacy of sustainable capability and performance.

Dream Big.

We believe in people and their dreams.

We inspire and energise people to dream big and believe in themselves and we champion their dreams.


We are selfless and check our egos at the door.

We demonstrate humility, generosity and gratitude as we work collaboratively to help others accomplish more.

We act with integrity and develop ethically-bound cultures.

We show uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical convictions as we help people to always do the right thing in all circumstances.


We believe in direct, open and honest communication.

We create high impact solutions by being forthright and building trust through open and authentic communication.

Bold Integrity.

Exceed Expectations.

We work hard as a team to exceed.

We are one team, unified by our mission, vision and purpose that works tirelessly to exceed customer expectations.

We believe in our values and as a result brilliant work takes time.

Our values are integral to us and we do not take shortcuts to create quick short-term fixes.

We see challenges as opportunities.

We face every challenge with deep determination and see challenges as opportunities to excel and deliver something new and exciting.


We innovate and seek to improve continuously.

We are curious and creative and we continuously innovate and improve as we strive to trailblaze and maintain our pioneering culture.

Spark Innovation.

Linac Learning

Developing and optimising the human potential in your organisation.

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