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The learning flexibility

you want. 

Explore our in-person and digital options to give you the learning flexibility you want.

Whether it’s in a classroom, digital or part of a wider modular programme, through an experience or one-to-one coaching, or a combination of these, we can match your delivery preferences.

Our delivery formats enable you to balance your schedule and budget, while achieving the reach you desire across the wider organisation.

Programmes & one-off interventions.

Choose from courses, workshops and masterclasses to create programmes, or choose one-off interventions to plug specific skills gaps.


Receive engaging, hands-on face to face learning, in a supportive and accelerated learning environment with our subject matter experts. 

A blended learning approch.

A digital approach enables you to deliver learning at scale across the miles, reducing travel, costs and the environmental impact.

A blended virtual approach engages your remote teams boosting team collaboration and breaking down cultural and geographical barriers.

Memorable experiences.

We design powerful memorable experiences that encourage deep reflection, change perspective and unlock core capability to create behavioural shift. 


We support conferences, events, award ceremonies, projects and 'away' days with some of the world's most intriguing guest speakers and facilitators hailing from sport, military and business.

One-to-one coaching to accelerate learning

Our one-to-one coaching empowers and accelerates individual change and drives greater accountability.

Our coaching interventions improve performance and help develop your high potential talent.

Linac challenge with positive intent.

They were the only supplier that thoroughly thought through how the success of the programme would be measured. I would use Linac again. They feel like part of your organisation - but they will challenge and question with positive intent, inspired, I think, by the belief that even when it's good, it can always be better."

- Synergy Health-

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