Achieving ROI in a VUCA Storm

Achieving ROI from learning interventions has always been an elusive “will o’ the wisp” goal for many Learning and Development teams. In the last 10 years, however, that elusive goal has become even more difficult to achieve - and yet even more important.

The ‘gathering VUCA storm’

The VUCA world has been with us for longer than 10 years, but many of us have just not been aware of it. It has crept in stealthily like a thick sea fog, unnoticed, until all of sudden it obscures all vision. The effects of VUCA, as many of us are now aware, are becoming ever more severe and also faster to take effect. Many formerly world-beating organisations have gone under, lost without trace to the depths, as a direct result of VUCA.

VUCA is driven by our own desire to do everything more rapidly, as well as the technology that we invent to make things easier for ourselves. However, we forget that, the more we make things easier for ourselves, the more we make things easier for our competitors. We are rapidly approaching a world where there will be no more barriers to entry to any market place, no more USPs, no more stability.

Developing leaders to ‘weather the storm’

One of the most commonly used phrases in the world of VUCA is “Become comfortable being uncomfortable.” There are no more tranquil pools on the river of progress: it is rapids all the way now. In such a fast moving and uncertain world, you need your leaders to be making the right decisions and making them rapidly. This is a new way of working that is not reliant upon data and historical trends, due to the fact that, by the time you have understood their meaning, they are already out of date.

Your leaders need development to identify the skills and competencies that they will need in the VUCA world and your Learning and Development teams need to know that the money you invest in this development has been well spent and is delivering the ROI you need.

Linac Learning can help you do both.

We have the unique expertise to craft the VUCA leadership development you need and also to help you construct the ROI framework to measure it. To see how we can help your business with our leadership development and ROI expertise, contact us on 01242 529822 or email us at