Not just for the flamboyant

Creativity and creative thinking are often assumed to be restricted to just the flamboyant, artistic and outgoing among us, but that is simply not true. Some of the most creative personalities of all time were process and detail driven and often quite introvert individuals.

Creative thinking is a way of looking at problems or situations from a unique perspective that develops unorthodox solutions (which can seem unsettling at first). Creative thinking can be initiated from an unstructured or structured process. Once stimulated, it leads to the often vague concept of imagination being used to develop original ideas to create something positive and tangible.

Creativity is often referred to as a sets of skills, an attitude to life, the ability to have imaginative, inventive, original, meaningful ideas that often cross over disciplines, principles and concepts and connect previously exclusive information effectively. It is a vital ingredient of being an accomplished individual, leading to growth, development, change and progress both at individual and societal level.

Our 'Playing Your A-Game' programme will introduce you to principles and concepts to help you find ways to live a more productive and fulfilled life. It will then take you on a journey of self-discovery and encourage you to develop specific personalised strategies to use these principles and concepts to generate more value from your professional and personal life. To achieve this, your creativity and self awareness will be tested to the limit and you will leave with a deep understanding of the actions you need to implement immediately to really make a difference.

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