Igniting a New Level of Motivation...What Great Leaders Do Differently to Inspire People.

By Sophie Bennett, Linac Learning Facilitator


Motivation; an essential ingredient for any successful individual, team, and organisation. High levels of engagement and a motivational atmosphere is not an easy thing for any leader to create inside their teams, and then sustain over long periods. Especially in current times with the uncertainty and disruption caused by Covid.

There’s one thing that’s certain; if you want to motivate people, you must be able to influence them.

But here’s the challenge. You can influence and not motivate, but you can’t motivate without influence!

If only there was a formula to communicate with your team in a way that would get them fired up, even if they are all totally different personality types. Well, the good news is that there IS a formula. It’s all about understanding what motivation really is and applying the science in the right way.

We all want to be inspired to do great work. When we are inspired by what needs to get done, we put our best foot forward and become our best selves. Some of us like the intensity of mastering something, some of us want the companionship that work brings, and some of us just need to get a result we can be proud of. They’re not the only things that we aspire to - but those 3 give you a first impression of the different ways we feel good at work.

The best leaders have the ability to inspire, challenge and support people at just the right moment and in the perfect way for that individual.

But how do you know what fires up the individual members of your team? And how do you get the timing right?

Well, the answer is part science, part art. Any leader can learn both, it just takes some understanding of the deeper things going on inside of us to hit the mark on both counts. Key skills include being able to read people, craft messages that inspire them and improve the timing of your interventions. These skills turn good leaders into great leaders. Great leaders understand the different motivations that drive people, they craft their messages to land in the right way and deliver them at the right time.

When you can positively influence how people feel and create a vision of the future that they can feel part of, you become the person people turn to when they need direction. Great leaders show people the path, then let them walk it in their own way.

The 5 Flames of Motivation is a motivational and communications tool that leaders can use to gain a better understanding of themselves and importantly, to see the world through the eyes of their teams. That’s a superpower for leaders. So, if you want to have more positive influence and become the person that helps other people find their path, then perhaps the 5 Flames would help you. Being able to create a vision of what the future looks like in an inspiring way helps your team members to become the best version of themselves AND deliver results for the business. Understanding what really motivates people is something that will help you develop that superpower. The 5 Flames of Motivation will illuminate your personal path to becoming a more effective and inspiring leader.

The 5 Flames of Motivation virtual masterclass will be taking place on 3rd December, make sure you join us and ignite a new level of motivation in yourself and in your teams. Click here to find out more.