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Stand out, appeal & engage.  

In today's fast-changing sales environment, traditional sales approaches no longer work. Buyers have information at their fingertips. Accelerated response times and deeper, more personal relationships are what build trust and drive sales. 

The intricate art of selling in this new world has had to change to meet these new demands. Salespeople need to stand out from the competition. They need to be able to grab attention, listen sharply, subtly engage all while adding value to every conversation.

Transform sales performance. 

We transform your sales performance and help you gain greater market share. With an intrinsic understanding of your markets, products and services, we develop your salespeople and help you to deliver your strategic sales goals.


Our human-centric approach is based on creating a value-add process that ensures all of your salespeople are creating a tailored enhanced experience for every interaction. In return, customers develop loyalty, positively promote their experience and buy more.

Psychology, physiology & problems solved.

Selling is a fusion of psychology, physiology and problem solving, it’s emotional. We develop high levels of emotional intelligence and physiological knowledge in your salespeople that enables them to adopt an emotionally driven approach.


We develop top salespeople to instinctively tune into the emotional state of every customer, pre-empt the customer’s thoughts, questions and problems and offer solutions. This enriches the sales process and creates value-add experiences.


The team at Linac were extremely interested in our business and our specific need around advanced negotiation skills. Our teams engaged incredibly well with them. The learning was fun and very well balanced, and we will see immediate results.

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The Linac team are motivated by hard core results not happy sheets. The Linac return on investment approach has proven itself again and again. In times of sporadic economic uncertainty why risk any other approach?

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