Talent Development

Attract, develop, motivate & retain.

Our talent development solutions support you in attracting, developing, motivating, and retaining your productive and engaged employees. We develop your future talent to support and underpin your vision and future culture.


Our talent programmes harness the potential of your organisation. They drive up productivity, creating high sustainable performance that in turn helps to retain people for longer, saving employee turnover costs.

We take you on a journey.

We recognise that every organisation is different and is at a different point on their journey. Whether at the start, or moving to a more sophisticated phase of your talent strategy, we can help you create an environment where talent flourishes, putting in place the foundations and development for success.


We have direct experience of running talent development centres, assessment processes, performance management 180º and 360º reviews and talent development programmes that deliver profound behavioural change.

We identify the hidden gems. 

Our talent development centres and assessment processes help you to spot your ‘hidden gems’. Centres are immersive and experiential, and designed to identify those with future leadership talent.

We help you to champion your talent. We provide enhanced opportunities for the people that have future leadership potential and the aspiration and engagement to rise through the organisation.

Mixing things up.

Our blend provides a range of options that promote self-paced learning and the resources to meet the variable needs of your people. Our in-person and digital options give you greater learning flexibility.

A range of delivery formats enable you to balance your schedule and budget, while achieving the reach you desire across the talent in your organisation.

Make celebration meaningful.

Our talent programmes culminate in a unique celebration of success event that captures impact and measures success. Celebrating achievement boosts morale and confidence. Recognising your people’s hard work and success increases your standing as an employer of choice, and helps to improve retention and attract talent.

Your organisation’s key people are able to acknowledge and applaud the progress and results achieved. This event not only acts as a point of formal recognition but it is an exciting way to promote collaboration, networking and team working.


Linac precisely identified our needs and have created the right solutions to deliver exceptional results. They support our talent programmes and our wider leadership development. I would highly recommend working with Linac.

- NEC Group -

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