Team Development

Inspiring and moving teams from good to great.

Transform the potential of

your team.

We provide transformational team development solutions and experiences for companies that aspire to move from good to great. In doing so we not only unlock entrenched team behaviours but we achieve profound team growth and performance breakthroughs.

We use a range of activities, from the creation of team charters and new ways of working, to immersive, dynamic and fun team building tasks that challenge a team’s ability to work together and communicate, collaborate and problem solve.

All pulling in the same direction.

We achieve total team coherence, where the whole team is pulling in the same direction. High levels of accountability, trust and a sense of belonging and purpose engender a spirit of resilience, that enables teams to become extremely responsive.

Coherence across your teams shifts the dynamics in your organisation. It drives high levels of collaboration, increases the speed of decision-making and execution, empowers and improves ownership for continuous improvement and change.

Pushing the leadership

comfort zone.

All leaders need to understand how a team functions and how a team can misfire. Through powerful experiential team activities, using dynamic and inspiring venues, such as, the ocean, the lakes and mountains, professional kitchens and equestrian centres, leaders can practice their leadership.

Experiences are pioneering and develop lasting growth. They are carefully designed to mirror everyday workplace leadership situations. They hone the leaders capability, develop emotional intelligence, uncover and process blind spots and develop new personal strengths. Thoughtful facilitation, deep reflection and experiential learning that produces memorable moments galore and embeds new capability.

Cocktail making injects energy into vitality!

The level of energy and commitment shown by all team members exceeded my expectations. What was achieved was somewhat remarkable. A cohesiveness of purpose and an understanding of each other’s needs became apparent. The team members are putting what they have experienced into practice and I am seeing good and sustained improvements in all areas. 

- Vitality -

Exceeding Sodexo's expectations.

The event went superbly well, it was challenging and developmental and exceeded expectations. The senior team explored its strategic impact in the context of culture and future leadership behaviour. The guest speakers were first class and shared highly impactful personal insights. I would not hesitate in recommending Linac to any organisation looking to explore their culture and leadership.

- Sodexo -

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