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Explore our videos below and hear directly from our clients, or read an array of testimonials and let our clients tell you what it's like to work with us...

Learning Experiences by Linac Learning

Learning Experiences by Linac Learning

Learning Experiences by Linac Learning
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Linac Leadership Testimonials

Linac Leadership Testimonials

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Culture Explored Through Mixology

Culture Explored Through Mixology

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Linac was 'the best use of budget' ...

Linac was 'the best use of budget' ...

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First Line Leader Programme

First Line Leader Programme

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Sodexo Review & Recommend Linac Learning

Sodexo Review & Recommend Linac Learning

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Vitality Review of Linac's Masterclass

Vitality Review of Linac's Masterclass

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Experiential Equine Leadership Development

Experiential Equine Leadership Development

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Overview Linac's Learning Solutions

Overview Linac's Learning Solutions

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L&D Director

3663 had dinner with Linac and saved £300,000!

“Linac’s approach to leadership development is dynamic and is helping us to dramatically develop our people. I would strongly recommend Linac to any company looking to develop its people and achieve significant results."


Head of L&D

Linac stand out from 17 providers for new leadership development programme


"The Linac team are personable, responsive and incredibly knowledgeable in the leadership space.  We were looking for long-term partners to work with and build a lasting and evolving relationship as we develop our leadership population at Sisk.  Linac are solutions focused and leading edge by way of content. I have been particularly impressed with Linac’s passion and drive to deliver an excellent output for our people. Linac are a pleasure to work with, have built strong relationships with all key stakeholders at Sisk and are making a significant difference in only a short time with the development of our leadership population."


Head of L&D

Linac explore VUCA with senior operations team

"The event went superbly well, it was challenging and developmental and exceeded expectations. The senior team explored it's strategic impact in the context of culture and future leadership behaviour. The guest speakers were first class and shared highly impactful personal insights. I not hesitate in recommending Linac to any organisation looking to explore their culture and leadership."


Head of Middle East Accounts Global

Zurich Top Leadership Team Challenge the Paradigms

“I found the programme inspirational and it was also great to have an opportunity to work with other members of the high talent group."


Group Talent Director

Leadership Development Programme wins the Personnel Today Awards

“I am inspired by the way Linac do business. They are incredibly customer focused and bring a wealth of detailed and professional knowledge to our learning community. I rely on them to ensure whatever we do in the learning space is done with the utmost professionalism... needless to say I highly recommend them”.


Human Resources Director

Getting Ready for the 2012 Olympics

“The variation of leadership development interventions Linac offers has helped us to challenge and develop our leaders in innovative ways, such as the use of horses to hone our coaching capability and heighten self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Development has been extremely well received and strengthened our business.”


Head of L&D

NEC book a class act and engage Linac to deliver their talent development

“Initially we engaged Linac to work with us on our approach to Return on Investment. That brilliant work led us to use them to support us on our leadership and talent development programmes. The dialogue with Linac is always open and honest, allowing us to precisely identify our development needs as an organisation and to construct just the right creative solution for us. I cannot recommend highly enough!”


Chief Information Officer

Going for Gold in Paris with their Leadership Programme

“I found the programme extremely valuable and it focused very well on core leadership skills. I came away feeling motivated and ready to put the learning into practice with my own team.”


Organisation Development Manager

A leading F1 company use Linac to develop, drive and accelerate their change leadership capability

“Linac was very quick to understand the business and our unique change environment. They possess a wealth of real and relevant global change leadership experience that they bring to bear. Our leaders responded very well to Linac, their style of facilitation is relaxed yet extremely focused and challenging. I have no hesitation in recommending Linac to any company”


L&D Manager

Exploring the Neuroscience of Difficult Conversations with Southampton University

"The feedback I have received from staff has been overwhelmingly positive. Many now feel more confident taking on challenging conversations both at home and at work. I have no doubt we will see the benefits of the training in our working relationships.”


L&D Manager

When the innovation and passion of Cath Kidston came together with the innovation and passion of Linac ROI was in the bag!

“We have really benefited from the ROI development we have received from Linac. It has got us thinking in new ways and helped our approach and delivery to be far more commercial which gives us more confidence and credibility within the business. I’ve found Linac to be very helpful before and after the training too, they’ve been a great partner so far with regards to helping us apply ROI methodology to our programmes”


National Training


4:1 ROI on fully loaded programme costs, exceeding expectations!

“Linac’s ability to deliver best-fit learning solutions and quickly capture the ‘essence’ of your organisation is what sets them apart from other providers in the market today. From experience, the recipe to Linac’s success is their adaptability, creativity and collaboration.”


Head of Change Management

Leadership Development Aligns 2,500 Leaders

“It has been a genuine pleasure to find such professional and highly skilled people to do business with. Linac seems to have a great niche in the marketplace and they really do stand head and shoulders above the competition in my opinion. But more importantly, you seem to have great company spirit and really enjoy what you do which at the end of the day strikes me as being fairly critical.”


General Manager

Unilever performance hits record levels with dramatic improvements - consistent gross efficiency above 80%, zero defects and very positive staff morale

“All working practices were standardised and within 3-months all operating teams had received training in all skills modules. The programme ran smoothly and very efficiently. The results were exactly what we had hoped for. A great achievement.”


HR Manager

Tears of Laughter on the Recruitment & Selection Workshop!

“We have used Linac to deliver a wide range of training. We have always found their delivery to be stimulating and targeted at the right level. Their Recruitment and Selection Training makes managers aware of their legal requirements whilst getting the subject matter over in an enjoyable way."


Senior Training Manager

Best Operating Practice (BOP) Improves Core Skills Capability

“Linac has very quickly and very successfully helped us to build a model for skills development and align this to our pay banding. They have provided us with the model and the tools to train and assess our people effectively. I highly recommend Linac; they work tirelessly to deliver you results.”


Development Director

Leadership Development achieves £1.5 million ROI!

“Feedback was unanimously positive and highly complementary of the Linac approach and its impact. The improvements made in twenty weeks saw a saving of £1.5 million in contract manufacturing costs. This projected will result in a £5 million saving. A fantastic effort!"


Group HR Director

Linac create a measurable results-based programme

"They were the only supplier that thoroughly thought through how the success of the programme would be measured. I would use Linac again. They feel like part of your organisation - but they will challenge and question with positive intent, inspired, I think, by the belief that even when it's good, it can always be better."


Procurement Director EMEA

Exploring the Challenges of VUCA Beside Lake Lugano

“An interesting and challenging workshop as it pulled participants out of their comfort zone. The final exercise about establishing a strategic roadmap under time pressure was very relevant to practice with the various concepts, while keeping the business case realistic."

marstonslogo2016 (1).jpg

Group Talent & Leadership Development

New mobile learning content hits the mark!

"Linac has been super throughout this project, very clear with comms and the work produced the other end was exactly what we needed. Thanks again and look forward to continuing our partnership."

L&D Consultant

Helping young talent in Marks & Spencer be the best possible version of themselves

“I liked the variety of exercises and the honesty from you and the other trainers around attitudes/emotions/life.... thought you all related to the young people really well. A really good session, the delegates really benefited from the day.”


L & D Manager

One cohort alone identified and had validated savings of over £253,000 before the end of the programme.


"The Linac management development programme has now been running for several years and it continues to be regarded as a profit generating venture and an inspirational development opportunity. Linac have crafted and delivered a first class development programme. What sets them apart from other providers is their ability to weave in real measurement and centre the programme on bottom line results. The business has been totally impressed and the results have been remarkable.”


International Training Team

Jumeirah create an oasis of ROI in the desert!

“The ROI training exceeded my expectations and is a breakthrough in terms of where we want to take the training function of a fairly young company like Jumeirah. Thank you very much.”

"It was an eye opener as well as a refresher and I now have the tools to convince the leaders within my strategic business unit.”


Group L&D Manager

Spectrum Housing were looking to build a more robust ROI measurement. They felt at home straight away with Linac.

“Linac delivered sessions to our Learning and Development Team and some senior managers which was informally delivered but very well structured. The workshops were really thought provoking and we have consequently gone on to look at our methods of evaluation completely differently”


Retail Operations Project Manager

Maplin switches to Linac for their sales training, gaining an additional 4,000 sales transactions per week

“This selling skills development was cascaded to 26 stores during a one month period, the results for this were great. The teams were more engaged with the customer, resulting in a better understanding of what our customers’ needs were along with more confident sales technique. Higher average transaction values were also seen and 19 of the 24 pilot stores trained showed increased conversion rates."


Customer Service Director

Linac serves up a tasty blend of learning, helping Charles Wells customer service teams achieve great results

“Linac were a breath of fresh air, they were well researched and dedicated the time and effort to fully understand what our requirements were. They really understood our business culture and designed a programme which was highly interactive and engaging. The delegate feedback was very positive and it has noticeably helped evolve our team culture”


Global Learning Programmes Manager

GlaxoSmithKline partnered Linac to underpin its operational upskilling programme across the UK

“Once the decision was made to use Linac the impact from the first few programmes was immediately noticeable. The training has enabled us to develop a reliable and robust training and assessment process and drive new skill levels. Our experience of Linac has been exceptional and we are seeing and now reaping the rewards,I would have no hesitation in recommending Linac to any company looking to upskill its workforce and improve its operational training processes”


Training Team

Management role-play delivers practical solutions

“The training provided met our needs perfectly. The alignment to the day-to-day challenges faced by our managers was absolutely spot on.”


Head of L&D

Staff Morale Boosted During Organisational Change

“Overall I have been extremely pleased with the whole process and the support we have received from Linac. We now have a comprehensive management and leadership programme in place and the capability to deliver it in house. I would have no hesitation in recommending Linac to other companies in the drinks industry.”


Head of Talent & Development

GUEST framework delivered to over 550 Blue Cross team members

“I enjoyed working with Linac as they appeared genuinely interested in our organisation and in what we wanted to achieve. The programme has been a real success and there is no doubt that the profile and quality of Customer Experience has been improved by this development."


Managing Director

Executive Coaching Supports Senior Team

“The coaching has taken place over a period of six months now and has proved to be a very valuable part of the training and development mix for our senior managers. The people involved have responded well and in every case they have made significant change and are now acting in ways that they were not before.They all have greater clarity about what their priorities and goals are and how they will achieve these.”


Production Manager

Team building injects vitality!

“The level of energy and commitment shown by all team members exceeded my expectations. What was achieved was somewhat remarkable. A cohesiveness of purpose and an understanding of each other’s needs became apparent. The team members are putting what they have experienced into practice and I am seeing good and sustained improvements in all areas. Thank you for providing the programme that had interesting and excellent content tailored to the teams in question. Just as important, however, was that everyone had fun!” 

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