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We identify and optimise the performance of your people.


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About Us

Linac Learning is part of the Linac Group, comprised of three independent companies – Linac Learning, Linac Technology and I am ME - a not for profit company. These entities operate worldwide across all sectors to bring diverse blended services to the market.

Founded in 1998, Linac has worked alongside a huge range of organisations, from large multinationals to quirky retailers, airlines to cruise liners, leading hotels and event companies, brewers to formula one racing teams, charities to local authorities. We pride ourselves on proving that investing in your people can bring clear and vast profits and returns to your business. Achieving this requires companies to create thriving cultures and great places to work, something we pride ourselves on at Linac.

We take an ideas-led, creative and bespoke approach to ensure learning is culturally aligned. We focus on your people's natural strengths, firing and re-wiring them to ultimately change their behaviour. We use a spaced and blended-learning approach to transform your people over time which gives them the greatest chance of permanently shifting their behaviour. Accelerated and hands-on learning means that it is easily digested and bridged back into the workplace, in turn boosting productivity and increasing operational rhythm.   


We recognise that human development is a complex and multi-dimensional process. We utilise our  

intrinsic grasp on how to make learning sustainable and create successful programmes that permanently change people and business. Our blended approach utilises in-situ and remote digital learning to create stimulating experiences that appeal to all types of learners.

We engage, energise and mobilise your people to think and behave differently. Learning has the 'stickability' factor, it stays with the individual and goes with them back into the workplace.

Our Mission

To create powerful learning solutions to grow high-performance and innovative cultures, hallmarked by resilient leadership and outstanding team working, delivering sustainable improvement, results and business prosperity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the ‘go to’ learning catalyst for organisations looking to liberate their culture, inspire and optimise their people and drive sustainable business prosperity.


Our Values

We dare to dream and we applaud curiosity. We have created an ego-free work environment hallmarked by hard honest teamwork, where challenges are only ever seen as opportunities and where every person is happy being themselves.

Our Team

Our team is an eclectic mix of some of the world's most talented learning consultants and facilitators, who all share the same values. We are honest, smart and naturally curious people with bundles of energy.

Global Reach

We operate out of our HQ offices, Formal House in Cheltenham and provide global reach through our world-class international team. We work across 6 continents and have worked in 21 countries.  

"The feedback I have received from staff has been overwhelmingly positive. Many now feel more confident taking on challenging conversations both at home and at work. I have no doubt we will see the benefits of the training in our working relationships.”

 Hannah Hasilow, L&D Manager, Southampton University