Founded in 1998, Linac Learning was established out of the sheer frustration that companies were struggling to measure clear return-on-investment from the work they were doing across soft skills development.


As the saying goes, frustration is the compost from which the mushrooms of creativity grow, fast forward a few years and our very own ROI methodology was created. This methodology has helped many well established multimillion pound businesses demonstrate a clear ROI when previously they have not been able to and helps us to keep creating measurable and value-added learning solutions at the heart of everything we do.


Linac Learning, is part of The Linac Group, comprised of two separate companies: Linac Technology, Linac Learning, and we are also the very proud founding sponsor of i am me - a separate not-for-profit company. These entities operate worldwide across all sectors to bring a diverse range of blended services to the market.



Our unique ROI learning methodology has been refined over more than 20 years. We have delivered millions of pounds worth of savings and results, with programmes returning on average a 11:1 ROI.


We believe that all development should pay for itself and add real value. Our approach centres on building context and understanding around your specific requirement. Working back from your desired outcome, we work with you, sharing our findings and ideas.


Design is creative and blended to suit. Drawing on the very latest neuroscience, psychology and physiology research and accelerated learning design principles we can craft solutions that mix digital and virtual, in-situ and experiential learning.


We believe that what gets measured gets done. Applying our unique world-renowned ROI from Learning methodology we track and measure larger scale programmes.


We ensure your people and teams are held accountable to their actions, we benchmark their behaviour, levels of teamworking and morale. We focus the metrics and numbers that matter most to your business and guarantee a performance uplift and quantified ROI.


We work through a process of focused exploration and analysis to determine the precise enablers that will deliver and exceed your expectations.


We pin-point how your solution will be measured and how it will deliver the sustainable change you want, whilst reinforcing your values, behaviours and aspired culture.


Delivery excites, energises, stretches and moves your people to new places.

We develop new mind-sets and new behaviours.


The emphasis is on immediate learning application in the workplace and on your people, having an impact and making a difference. We focus on your people's natural strengths, firing them up and re-wiring them to ultimately shift and permanently change their behaviour and mindset.


We still invest a small chunk of time in fully understanding your requirements so we can offer the best solution adapted to your needs.



We operate out of our office in Cheltenham and provide global reach through our international team. We work across 6 continents and have worked in 21 countries.

Our professional and creative hub helps us to underpin and live out our values and drive our culture. Our environment is engaging so the team can stretch their skills, source inspiration, communicate openly and do their best work.


Read our mission, values and find out what we stand for.


Our team is an eclectic mix of some of the world's most talented learning consultants and facilitators.