Optimising Human Potential

We deliver tailor-made learning to develop your leaders and their teams.

Our solutions increase operational rhythm and grow cultures of curiosity and creativity. 

We're Linac Learning.

We create powerful learning that transforms business results and delivers sustainable competitive advantage. Our solutions increase operational rhythm and grow cultures of curiosity and creativity, hallmarked by resilient leadership and outstanding team working.


Our team is an eclectic mix of some of the world's most talented learning consultants and facilitators, who all share the same values. We are honest, smart and naturally curious people with bundles of energy.

Why we're different.

Our passion to exceed your expectations means we take time to really get to know you, your people and tune into the underbelly of your organisation.


Our solutions are a fusion of the latest psychology, physiology and neuroscience, created using a blend of face to face and digital, that deliver memorable experiences for your people.

But, don't just take our word for it.

Feedback was unanimously positive and highly complementary of the Linac approach and its impact. The improvements made in 20 weeks saw a saving of £1.5 million in contract manufacturing costs. This projected will result in a £5 million saving. A fantastic effort!

- Development Director, Carlsberg UK -

We also keep great company...
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